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Opportunity To Invest In The Promising Game Breeding Industry

Opportunity To Invest In The Promising Game Breeding Industry

The game breeding industry is considered as one of the promising industries in the world. Experts and ecologists opine that no other industry such as diamond can match for the South African game breeding in terms of turnover and returns.

We welcome you to Present Perfect Game! You are cordially invited to invest in wild-life breeding operation and become part of one the rapidly growing industries in the world. With investment options available to individuals and companies, the protection and re-population of rare and Exotic Game species is now possible.

Species that we have include Rhino, Sable, Roan Antelope, Buffalo, Black Impala, Golden Wildebeest, Kings Wildebeest and Saddleback Impala. You may own a female animal and remain the owner of these investments, either to grow, relocate, sell or re-enter into an agreement with us.

You can sell or move these animals after the first season or continue with, supplement or diversify their investments. You can relocate your animals at any point in future after the first breeding season.  We ensure that with the high demand for quality animals, returns are available from the first season.

For those you have never had held investments in game breeding industry, our options are ideal for such first-time investors who seek to learn more about the industry, before initiating their own projects or expanding their investment herds. You can start now and within a few seasons you should have reached a quality breeding herd, ready to be relocated or to enlarge your investment by entering into our superior breeding systems.

After you invest, we facilitate easy surveillance for you to ensure your money meets the investment goal. Access to animals as well as internet camera surveillance allow you to monitor the investment from anywhere in the world. Overnight accommodation is available to all investors on the properties where the camps are located and offers a more personal nature experience. When it comes to maintaining animals, annual auctions offer us a series of opportunities to provide animals with quality DNA that helps improve breeding stock. Insurance will be in place on animals to minimize the risks which include viral diseases, natural deaths or attacks from predators. Good quality fencing, regular perimeter checks and measures like illness and disease control, as well as the daily cleaning, maintenance and feeding that is done to a strict regime.

 Animal nutrition and feed is supplied by Driehoek Feeds. Daily feeding schedules, adjustments and continuous improvement guarantees well-maintained animals and higher re-production rates. The most of our necessary medical applications are supplied with our specialist feeds.

Apart from exceptional returns that this industry promises to you, you have the best opportunity to join South Africa’s premium game breeding program that contributes directly into species conservation and reservation. We welcome all interested investors to contact to become part of this breeding project.

As an investor, you have a unique opportunity to grab that lets you become a part of one of South Africa's fastest growing industries.